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autumnlaughing's Journal

18 August 1977
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How can I know who I will be to you?

My goal: to project a shadow of myself onto a page so as to see what you see there

My disclaimer: I make no promises as to what I say here. The way in which you percieve my words is colored by the way in which I perceived writing them. This is an altered piece of the universe, my percived audience changes from day to day. If I know you in real life, and the me you see here is slightly different, don't be amazed. If I didn't want the information here known, I wouldn't post it publicly, but there is information here that I have not told individuals, usually becase I didn't feel they needed to know. Consider yourself warned that your opinions of me may be challanged. The only thing that stays consistant: I belive most things I do to have a viable reason (even if the reason lacks logic). Ask if you have questions.

My question to you: What would Autumn laugh at?

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